I did two shoots about a year and a half ago with you guys while I was in Melbourne and really enjoyed it... I'm back in England and was wanting to do another shoot for you or just see what else you have going on? thanks :) - Kelly, Leeds, U.K.
You may not remember me but I did some work with Feck about 2008/2009. I am originally from Canada and moved back home from Melbourne last year, but I have never forgotten my experience with Feck. I remember how it made me feel so sexy and happy and liberated. I had done some nude modelling for other sites, but Feck was the only site I actually enjoyed making content with. I would really love to keep Feck as part of my life, and I feel letting it bud around the globe would be of benefit to all! - Warm Regards Sara J
Dear Feck-sters, Hi! I did a folio for you a while back in 2010 when I was visiting Melbourne, and I have to say that it was one of the funnest parts of my Australia experience! Since then, I've become a lot more aware of my body and my own sexuality, and I wanted to thank you very much for being a part of that! - Kind regards "TOTOROSIE"
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It's is such an amazing project. It's a celebration of the naked body and how stunning, versatile, sexy and wonderful it is, and more people should do it!!! Thanks you guys!! - Juliet, England 2013
Thank you for the opportunity. It was great to be free to express myself through the art of photography. To be the model and the photographer and to show different dimensions and aspects of myself through reflections! Life is a huge canvas, it's up to us to throw what ever paint we want at it! -Love and light shimmers xx Theia, Australia
I loved shooting for Feck. I got the process explained to me and all the camera stuff done by someone who the site is dear to, and I felt excited to shoot for something so different from what I normally do! The framing and aesthetics are really tight, and I think it's really nice that such a place can have a self-submission process. - #3006, USA

Socially Responsible Erotica at FECK

If you've ever thought about the idea of expressing your raunchy side in a public way, but you didn't know how to find a channel that will treat you respectfully and pay you well, maybe Feck is your answer.

Feck revolutionised self-produced erotica in 2003 and has led the industry ever since, with simple principles that you would hope every organisation utilises - respect and honesty. Over 10,000 people have contributed to our projects, most multiple times, and their feedback is universally positive.

My experience with the Feck team was just fabulous. I found the project itself empowering and exciting, taking me on a journey of self discovery and love! The team are just wonderful, helpful and supportive, they have a pretty cool job! I would highly recommended getting involved with feck and their project,s as they celebrate the beauty of the body and provide you a platform to share with other likeminded individuals.” — Kelly_K Australia 28 June 2018

Guided by our online tutorials, you can use your smartphone to produce high quality content, upload it to our server and receive payment by Paypal or bank transfer. Or if you happen to be in Melbourne, even better, drop into our Fitzroy office for an info session. Our staff will never pressure you, in fact, we don't even recommend you participate - we recommend you get the information, then make your own decision. The people you meet in our office have done the projects themselves, and can share their own personal stories with you.

We want everybody to have a great, life-changing experience. More than anything, our projects are about People, and happy people make great content. We welcome contributors of all ages (18+),colours, body types, personal styles and gender identities, and offer a range of nude and non-nude projects in which each contributor chooses their own level of expression. The vast majority of our clients are first-timers, but experienced content creators are also welcome. While we have more opportunities for female bodied participants, we also have projects for the male bodied (and everyone in between), and partners.

“The three best things about Melbourne are the coffee, street art, and Feck” — Kim, a traveller from Korea

At a Feck info session you are not required to do nude test photos, make any on-the-spot commitment, or pay any fee. If you'd like to find out more, fill in the form below, or call us on (03) 94956555 (from within Australia).

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