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You must be 18 years or older to submit to this web site.

Submit to Ishotmyself Online

So you'd like to submit a folio to Ishotmyself? Yay! It's heaps of fun, and easy, just follow the simple instructions.

There is no selection process. Every female bodied person over 18 is welcome to submit, and we accept every folio which meets the Checklist criteria.

We encourage you to be creative, subversive, satirical, or political. Express yourself. Remember, there's a $250 prize for the most creative folio, each month, on top of the shoot fee and Feckshare bonus.

Ishotmyself is an amateur project, an alternative to mainstream porn. If you have no experience in the adult industry, we want you! If you're an adult performer or sex worker you are equally welcome, but we ask you to please submit as yourself, not your adult persona, and to avoid the stereotypes usually associated with porn and adult entertainment. You may use a nickname of course, we don't disclose our contributors' identity.

Everyone is invited to submit one Ishotmyself folio. We may ask you to submit again, or you may ask us if we need another.

You must only send photos that you have taken yourself, for this project. You may not also use those photos on your OnlyFans or any other platform or website!

Here's how to submit to Ishotmyself:

  1. Go through the checklist below carefully, so you know what we need. Better to spend a few minutes getting really familiar with the requirements now, than have to do your shoot over because you missed something important.
  2. Take your photos!
  3. Include ID photos. 2 ID's required. Instructions are here.
  4. Click the link at the bottom of this page to get to the Bio page.
  5. Fill out your Bio and submit it.
  6. Fill out and submit the Release form.
  7. Go to the Upload page for instructions about sending your photos, and there is a form to complete also.
  8. A Feck representative will call or email you when we've had a look over your folio. They will arrange payment, or let you know if there's a problem with your folio that needs fixing first.

Payment will normally be made by your preferred payment method within 1-2 business days of acceptance.

OK, Here's how to submit a great folio!

Read and tick each item to get to the next page.

  • You can't use a timer, remote control, or get someone else take the pictures. You should hold the camera yourself.

  • Your living space is interesting! Interact with your environment. We're not looking for shoots with plain, featureless backgrounds, such as a blank wall or studio. You don't have to take all the pictures in one place!

  • Start with clothes on but at least 120 must be fully nude.
  • The project requires full frontal, bold, confident nudity. Take lots of photos of all parts of your body! Don’t be shy - If you conceal your nudity with plants, objects, clothes or by camera angles, we don't count those as nude images.

  • DSLR's are great cameras, but they are very difficult to use for this kind of photography. We recommend a recent model phone with a good (multi lens) camera.
  • Clean the lens! They often have fingerprints on them.
  • Set the picture size to at least 2000 pixels on the shortest side (5 Megapixels is OK)
  • Switch off 'ultra wide' or 'panorama' mode. We need 4:3, 3:2 or 16:9 shape.
  • Switch off filters. If you have a Samsung phone, there is a Beauty filter set by default on the front camera. Go into Camera Settings to disable it.

  • Indoors: shoot near (less than 2 metres) a large window with curtains and blinds up/open in bright daylight hours (by late afternoon, or on stormy days, it's too dark to shoot indoors). Face the light and turn house lights off. Please note, most bathrooms are way too dark.
  • Outdoors: cloudy skies are perfect. On sunny days shoot in the morning or afternoon when the light is less harsh. Do not shoot under strong midday sun or any light that makes you squint.

  • Experiment with ways of photographing yourself in different positions, standing, lying down, kneeling, using your foot to take the picture, stretching or twisting your body into different shapes etc. Don’t forget your booty! Hold the camera at full arms (or legs) length for most shots, but take some close ups, too.
  • Please hold the camera yourself. Don't use the timer, remote control or voice commands. If you're clever, you can try using your feet :)

  • Please don't use masks, wigs, sunglasses or other ways to conceal your identity. Ishotmyself is about People! Be out and proud.
  • Smile sometimes! Think about what your face looks like before you press the shutter.
  • Less is more when it comes to makeup. We want to see the natural you!
  • Making eye contact with the camera is important. Make sure you're looking into the lens and not at the screen, even in mirror shots.

  • Please consider the background, and don't shoot in hostels, dorms, empty rooms or traveller accommodation.
  • We can't use holiday themes like Christmas or Easter, because we schedule months ahead.
  • Please avoid clothing and accessories like: stilettos/Pleaser heels, harnesses, lingerie (strappy, lacey, and frilly), fishnet stockings, suspender belts and thigh high stockings, and costumes. IShotmyself is an alternative to mainstream porn and glamour modeling, therefore, we ask you to avoid anything that reminds us of these things.
  • Please do not include anything in your photos which suggests children. That includes posing with soft toys (teddy bears etc.), onesies, children's candy (lollipops etc.), pigtails, children's brands like "My Little Pony" or "Hello Kitty" or similar.
  • No body paint please :) It's just been used too many times.
  • Please don't take photos with a cigarette in your hand or mouth.
  • Candle light, lamp light, firelight, novelty lights (bud lights, xmas tree lights etc) can be in the photos but they are not bright enough to be main light source.
  • We don't want shoots done in studios or webcam rooms. If we see professional photo/lighting equipment in the background, we won't consider it a genuine home made submission and your photos might be rejected.
  • No shoots in bathrooms or with wet hair. It's been done too many times, and most bathrooms are too dark
  • Please don't pose like a model. Insta themes like 'duckface' or 'fingermouthing' are not original, they aren't you. Express YOURself.

Some Tips: Be adventurous with your nudity. There is no limit to how bold and revealing your photos are.
Try using a mirror (but no more than about half your shoot) - but it needs to be clean! Use glass cleaner to make it streak-free.

Mirrors are great! But make sure you look at the camera, not yourself.

Mirror Shot examples

ISM is FUN - let's see it in the photos!

In the videos below, Alma shows you how to make awesome folios. Watch how she does it :)

YES I've checked all the items and understand what is needed to submit a publishable Folio.

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