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Imagery by Aven Frey Creative, using photos from Feck websites.

So you want to make ethical erotica?

You've come to the right place. FECK pioneered ethical erotica in the early 2000's with the simple principle of valuing the performer equally with the consumer, and our Ten Commandments of Ethical Erotica, drawn up in 2005, are the broadly accepted benchmark for socially responsible erotic production and publishing today.

I am really grateful for you feck for this experience. I'm so happy I got the opportunity to go into this beautiful project and feel so welcomed and comfortable doing it in such a great environment and great people. Would definitely recommend to friends 😊” — Hila_C, Italy, 17 March 2020

Since we launched our first site in 2003, over 10,000 women and men have contributed 2 million images and 8000 videos to our sites. We have projects for everybody (over 18), across all genders, styles, sizes, ages and ethnicities.

I contributed to Feck because I loved their message and what they are doing for women. My experience with the I Shot Myself project was amazing. I believe that Feck have gone out of their way to create a space that is comfortable and ethical.” – Leah_P, Australia, 21 October 2019

Feck is the only adult company in the world which pays contributors royalties for each view of their content, in addition to generous upfront shoot fees. We call this Feckshare, and the system also allows contributors to earn cash for referring customers, and other contributors, to our sites.

In the video below, Petra and Alex in our office take you through our main web sites, and explain how to get involved.

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