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This is an agreement between The Contributor (whose name is entered below) and Feck Pty. Ltd. (ABN 22 104 214 815), a limited liability company registered in the state of Victoria, Australia, herein after referred to as Feck.

  1. I, The Contributor, agree to photograph myself and/or be photographed and/or recorded in moving image, including in a state of total nudity; and/or have my voice recorded; and understand that the photographs, video and sound recordings (herein after called ‘The Folio’) so produced will be published on the World Wide Web and there may be subsequent releases in other forms of media.
  2. I, The Contributor, do hereby grant Feck and its assignees the irrevocable right in perpetuity to use and/or copyright the folio and all its contents for reproduction, transmission and publication via any media including but not limited to the internet and derived technologies; broadcast; public display; print; and portable media devices. Feck may subsequently assign or license the copyright to third parties at its own discretion.
  3. I understand that I may not use, or allow to be used, any pictures/sound from the Folio for any commercial purpose outside of this agreement with Feck, without permission in writing from Feck.
  4. I understand that once the Folio has been accepted, and I have furnished approved identificaction, Feck will pay me the sum shown below, which is the complete amount due for my services and that I have no further claim or rights in respect of The Folio howsoever it may be used for perpetuity.
  5. I warrant that I am, and was, at the time of creation of all parts of the Folio and execution of this Agreement, over the age of 18 years and have the right to contract in my own name.
  6. I, the contributor, indemnify Feck and its staff, agents and representatives against any damages which may arise from the production of, and/or publication of, the Folio.

Additional Clauses (if applicable, by agreement with the Feck office)

Your folio will not be published until you've been paid. Payment is made on acceptance of the folio, normally on the day it was created, or the next practical day that payment can be transferred.

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